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Macros are advanced features that can speed up editing or formatting you may perform often in an Excel worksheet. They record sequences of menu selections that you choose so that a series of actions can be completed in one step.

Recording a Macro
To record a Macro:

  • Click the View tab on the Ribbon
  • Click Macros
  • Click Record Macro
  • Enter a name (without spaces)
  • Enter a Shortcut Key
  • Enter a Description

Record Macro Dialog Box

  • Perform the Macro
  • Click Macros
  • Click Stop Recording

Stop Recording Macro Button

Running a Macro
To run a Macro from the Keyboard shortcut, simply press the keys that you have programmed to run the Macro.  Or you can view all macros and run by:

  • Click Macros
  • Click View Macros
  • Choose the Macro and click Run

View Macros Dialog Box