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Sort and Filter

Sorting and Filtering allow you to manipulate data in a worksheet based on given set of criteria.

Basic Sorts
To execute a basic descending or ascending sort based on one column:

  • Highlight the cells that will be sorted
  • Click the Sort & Filter button on the Home tab
  • Click the Sort Ascending (A-Z) button or Sort Descending (Z-A) button

Sort and Filter Drop Down Menu

Custom Sorts
To sort on the basis of more than one column:

  • Click the Sort & Filter button on the Home tab
  • Choose which column you want to sort by first
  • Click Add Level
  • Choose the next column you want to sort
  • Click OK

Custom Sort Dialog Box

Filtering allows you to display only data that meets certain criteria. To filter:

  • Click the column or columns that contain the data you wish to filter
  • On the Home tab, click on Sort & Filter
  • Click  Filter button
  • Click the Arrow at the bottom of the first cell
  • Click the Text Filter
  • Click the Words you wish to Filter

Filter Dialog Box

  • To clear the filter click the Sort & Filter button
  • Click Clear

Clear Filter Drop Down