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QuickCSV - Merge and split multiple CSV, JSON, TXT, EXCEL data files

QuickCSV is a software that allows splitting and merging of many data files, working with files of more than 20 million lines but still fast in seconds; supporting CSV, JSON, TEXT files; allowing to filter and search multiple columns, multiple conditions; sorting columns, showing/hiding/moving columns; exporting data to formats: CSV, TEXT, JSON Data Table, JSON Array 2D; automatically recognizing data type...
QuickCSV v1.0.6.0 March 3, 2023 (WhatisNew)
Version 1.0.0: 01-30-2023
+ New: Allow opening CSV, JSON, TXT files
+ New: Automatically recognize the data type of the values
+ New: Allow to merge multiple CSV, JSON, TXT files together
+ New: Allow editing data with the above files
+ New: Allow to display JSON data in the form of Tree, with color format with keywords, value types.
(Options menu  -> "Show JSON Viewer Pane")
+ New: Allow searching, extracting data with many conditions.
(Options menu -> "Show Filter & Find Pane")
+ New: Allow searching for the type of diacritics in the text. For example: "tuấn" = "tuan",
(Options menu -> "Search without accents Vietnamese" case insensitive. For example: "HOA" = "hoa"
+ New: Allow to sort data columns,
+ New: Allow to change the display position of columns.
+ New: Allow to hide/show columns of data.
+ New: Allow adding the first column of ordinal number (No.), adding a column with the name or full path of the file to the data table.
+ New: Allow to export open data to CSV, JSON, TXT, EXCEL files
(The computer does not need to install Excel. Exporting data can be from one or more files, the data has been edited, filtered, sorted).
(Compare file opening speed ~2 GB QuickCSV and PowerBI)
(Merge multiple data files and export to Excel)
(Open JSON file by QuickCSV)
Basic Instructions
1. Open the file, there are 2 methods:
+ Method 1: Go to File -> Open, select one or more files with the same structure.
+ Method 2: From the "File Explorer" screen, drag and drop one or more files with the same structure onto the QuickCSV screen.
2. View the JSON file:
+ For JSON files in the form of data table or 2D arrays, open and view normally as CSV, TXT files
+ For multi-level JSON files, open normally, but add it to the Options menu -> "Show JSON Viewer Pane".
The "Show JSON Viewer Pane" window displays on the right side of the program, please click on the cells with the string describing the JSON structure. The JSON Viewer window will display JSON in the form of a Tree to easily observe and edit.
(*) Open the file "DataMultiLevel.json" to test this property.
3. Edit file contents
From the data screen, press F2 or click where to edit
4. Find and filter data
Go to the Options menu-> "Show Filter & Find Pane" to open it if it is hidden.
Each column of data will be displayed vertically allowing you to enter values ​​to find and filter.
Allow entering operators to search.
The method is as follows:
+ Enter free string, number, date. With string values, ​​you do not need to enclose double or single quotes.
+ Enter the comparison expression:
For string values ​​using the operators:
= (Equals), (Not Equals) , *string (End with), String* (Begin with), *string* (contains, this lookup is implicit.)
With values ​​as numbers, dates
=, , >, >=, <, <=
If you want to compare values ​​between 100 - 1000
>=100, <=1000
You can also include search ranges:
100-1000, 3000-5000, 10000
(That is, find values ​​from 100 to 1000 or from 3000 to 5000 or 10000 )
+ For finding more values
A, B, C
That is, find the values ​​A or B or C 
5. Export data to files with different formats
Go to the Commands menu - Select the file formats to export. QuickCSV v1.0.0 version supports exporting file types: CSV, JSON (including Data Table and Array2D), TXT, Excel. Your computer does not require Microsoft Excel to be installed.
QuickCSV software author: Nguyen Duy Tuan